Tractor Descriptions

1950 Farmall Super A, serial #287771. This is a great running tractor with a 5 1/2 ft. International belly mower with hyd lift. Also has the hyd "Farmall Lift-All". It is a wide front tractor that runs and mows great. Has rear weights. All lites work. Comes with belt pulley.

1961 JD 3010 Gas, serial #11T13339. Tractor has cast carb and starts, runs, and drives great. Fenders. 3 point. VERY straight with NICE paint. Parade ready! New seats. 15.5x38 rubber.

1958 JD 620, serial #6215994. This is a very nice parade ready tractor. Deluxe fenders with all lights working. Good power steering. New seats. Good 13.6x38 rubber. Rebuilt carb. Starts, runs, and drives great.

1958 John Deere 730 Gas, serial #7300336. Restored a few years ago but still very nice! Deluxe fenders with lights. All lights working. Roll-O-Matic front. Factory steering good. Upright air cleaner. 15.5x38 Coop AgriPower rears @ 60% with little or no checking. Starts, runs, and drives great. Parade ready!

JD 730 Gas, serial #7311001. This is a VERY straight ORIGINAL tractor. Near perfect tin work. 3 point, Flat top fenders, rebuilt carb, all lites work, Power-set rear wheels. Rear weights. Tractor starts, runs, and drives great.

1959 JD 630, serial #6302991. Older restore but still very respectable. 3 point. Deluxe fenders. Upright air cleaner. Power steering. Excellent Firestone 13.6x38 rubber. Carb rebuilt. All lites work. Starts, runs, and drives great.

JD 630, serial #6304914. Tractor has complete factory 3 point with top link. Upright air cleaner. Power steering. New seats. All lights work. Starts, runs, and drives great.

1959 JD 530, serial #5303838. Older restore but still pretty nice. Has excellent 13.6x38 BF Goodrich rubber. Upright air cleaner and factory steering. All lites work. VERY straight tractor. Starts, runs, and drives great. 

1957 JD 520, serial #5207385. Tractor has factory square wide front and power steering. Tractor has 13.9x36 Goodyear rubber with some checking. All lites work. Tractor starts, runs, and drives great.

1956 JD "70" Diesel, serial #7036837. Tractor has been converted from pony to electric start. Has like new rubber all around. Has a totally complete 800/801 3 point. Rear weights. All lites work. Tractor starts instantly and runs and drives great. Excellent power steering. 

1955 JD "60", serial #6049674. Tractor has good factory power steering. Starts, runs, and drives great. All lights working. Good ole "60". 

1935 JD Model "B", serial #14519. Tractor is on full factory steel. Older repaint. New muffler. Brakes and clutch repaired. Fresh antifreeze. Starts easy and runs great. 

Late 1952 JD "A", serial #6955741. Tractor starts, runs, and drives great. Has oil pressure fuel shut off. Factory water pump. Rear weights. Luver shutters. PTO shield and flipper. Like new front tires. Goodyear 12.4x38 rears at 50-60% with some minor checking.

1935 JD A, serial #421323. Brass Tag and rebuilt Brass Carb! Has curtain style shutters. Loop draw bar. Dish fronts. Real decent cut-off rears with old closed tread style tires. Decent older paint. Starts, runs, and drives great!

1949 John Deere B, Restored, New Tires, SOLD

1958 John Deere 720, Gas, Dual Hydraulics, Front Weights SOLD

Ford 600 Very Nice tractor! Top to bottom restoration. New weights. One arm pooper scooper loader! SOLD

1958 Farmall 450 gas. It is the last year built. The tractor has great power steering, Quick hitch with top link and draw bar. Has good tin work. TA not working SOLD

If you don’t see what you are looking for, PLEASE CALL US!  Our inventory is constantly changing with tractors coming and going all the time.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you.

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